Coldspell – A New World Arise

Coldspell - A New World Arise

Artist: Coldspell
Album: A New World Arise
Genre: Metal
Label: Escape Music Ltd
Release Date: September 22, 2017
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron

Wow! Just Wow! This is my first time listening to Coldspell. All I keep thinking, is how is it that this band is not on a major label? This is some of the best stuff that I’ve heard in quite a long time. Starting off with the energetic first track, Forevermore, this is pure melodic metal bliss. Call of the Wild follows up Forevermore and is an instant hit. This album is absolutely brilliant in so many ways that it’s simply mind boggling. Currently this goes straight to the top of my list for best melodic metal album released this year. Yes, it’s that good! Every song on here is solid metal masterpiece. These guys have talent to spare, but believe me, they do not pull any punches on A New World Arise. With a sound that would have fit perfectly in the 80’s metal scene, Coldspell deserve to be heard and mentioned along with the best of the genre. The production quality of this album is top notch. The band have the intensity, the skill and quality musicianship. The songwriting is great and vocalist Niclas Svedentorp, sings with great passion and conviction. Coldspell should not be a best kept secret. Pick this album up immediately and be sure to spread the word. This is a great opportunity to help promote a band that deserves all of the success that they are getting.  I highly recommend this to anyone who likes bands like The Pretty Maids, Whitesnake, Scorpions, and great hard rock /melodic metal. This is just an outstanding, near perfect release.

Track Listing:
Call of the wild
It hurts
Miles away
Love me like you do
This is me
Get to the top
Wait until tomorrow
Losing my mind
Just one night
A new world arise

Band Members:
Niclas Svedentorp – Vocals
Michael Larsson – Guitars
Chris Goldsmith – Bass
Per Johansson – Drums
Additional musicians – Matti Eklund – Keyboards

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