Cage9: Illuminator

Cage9: Illuminator

Artist: Cage9
Album: Illuminator
Genre: Metal
Label: EMP Label Group/eOne
Release Date: June 3, 2016


One listen to Cage9‘s new album, Illuminator and you’ll know that they’ve created a defining moment for the band. This album sees the band, not only come into their own, but stake their claim as one of the top contender’s in the current rock scene. The opening song, Open The Sky will have you hooked immediately, and the band follows it up with one outstanding track after another. Gallows is another great track, but my favorite track has to be Everything You Love Will Someday Die. It has instant classic written all over it. With some shades of Metallica‘s Black album and a great melodic chorus, it’s a perfect single to introduce the band to any new listeners. Cage9 does a great job of balancing their sound between accessible rock radio, metal and a touch of alternative rock. The band displays a variety of sounds and while it varies from slow tempos to full on rockers it manages to sound like Cage9 throughout and shows the band’s incredible versatility. Expect Cage9 to take rock radio by storm with this release. This is mainstream modern rock at it’s best. If you’ve never heard Cage9 before, this is the perfect album to start with. It simply has everything in place to please today’s rock fans.

Track Listing:

01. Open the Sky
02. Gallows
03. Starry Eyes
04. Everything You Love Will Someday Die
05. Oscuro
06. Black Horse
07. Death of a Dragon
08. Aleatoricism
09. Birds of Prey
10. Martyr
11. Ghost
12. Illuminator
13. Take Back Tomorrow
Band Members:

Evan Rodaniche – vocals / guitar

Brian Sumwalt – drums

Leslie Wyatt – bass

Matt Borowski – guitar

Cage9 Official Site

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