Bulletboys – From Out of the Skies Review

BULLETBOYS To Release "From Out of the Skies" March 23rd

Artist: Bulletboys
Album: From Out Of The Skies
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Frontiers Music Srl.
Release Date: March 23, 2018
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


Depending on your history with the Bulletboys and your individual viewpoint about their musical style, you’re going to either love or hate this album. So before we get right down to the good, the bad and the ugly of “From Out Of The Skies”, let’s take a brief tour of how the band got here.  When the Bulletboys hit the scene with their debut album, they were compared to some pretty amazing bands, not the least of those being Van Halen. Admittedly, vocalist Marq Torien came out with the charisma of a David Lee Roth type singer and the band impressed a lot of folks. While the debut was a straight ahead rock n’ roll album, each album seemed to inch further away from their signature sound. So the first three albums still held together a similarity, even though they got a little experimental by the time Za-Za came out. After, that the band went full tilt in an unusual alternative rock direction. This was most likely driven by the fact that hair metal was being shunned and alternative rock was all the rage at that time. Nonetheless, the band confused a lot of fans with this move and sounded nothing like their former selves. The alt-sound trend for the Bulletboys continued for three albums, before releasing a “Best Of” and a live album that leaned on their earlier sound. The band’s last two albums were a mixture of the alternative sound with a bit of throw back to old days. Now we have, “From Out Of The Skies” hitting the airwaves. There is no doubt that this current lineup is musically talented, but Torien is still hellbent on distancing himself from the sound that made the band a household name. Maybe he’s chasing radio airplay. Maybe it’s just the sound that he likes. Either way, this is not the Bulletboys of old. First of all, the only remaining original member is Marq Torien and by default, you have to assume that this is the sound that he wants to deliver these days. Is it terrible? Of course not. Is it good? That depends on whether or not you can think of the Bulletboys as two different bands. Kind of a before and after situation. This album has much more slow material and ballads than a lot of the previous releases. For me the best songs are Apocalypto, D-Evil (featuring the great Jesse Hughes from The Eagles OF Death Metal) and What cha Don’t.  It’s hard to hide my disappointment because I really love the original sound. In many ways, I can’t help but think that Torien tried to leave the 80’s behind for good only to land and get stuck in the 90’s. This material falls much more closer to Stone Temple Pilots in sound than metal or rock. I wanted desperately to like this album, but unfortunately I just can’t. It’s somewhat like running into your old high school flame and finding out that they’re nothing like the person you remember. This album fills me with a sense of loss of what could had been. With every song, I am expecting that hard rocking punch in the teeth sound and it just never comes. Long gone is the bluesy rock sound and for me that’s what makes this a completely different band. As long as the Bulletboys continue to make new albums, I will continue to hold out hope that they will return to their roots, but for now….that seems like a far way wish.

Track Listing:

1. Apocalypto

2. D-Evil

3. From Out of the Skies

4. Hi-Fi Drive By

5. Losing End Again

6. What Cha Don’t

7. P.R.A.B.

8. Sucker Punch

9. Switchblade Butterfly

10. Once Upon a Time

Band Members:

Marq Torien, Nick Rozz, Chad MacDonald, Joaquin Revuelta

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