Bonfire: Byte The Bullet Review

Bonfire: Byte The Bullet

Artist: Bonfire
Album: Byte The Bullet
Genre: Hard Rock, Metal
Label: UDR /Warner music
Release Date: March 24, 2017

After quite a few line up changes, Bonfire seems to have created an album that hearkens back to the sounds of the best of their discography. New vocalist, Alexx Stahl sounds really quite similar to original vocalist Claus Lessmann. I was quite surprised when Bonfire and former vocalist David Reece (Ex-Accept, Bangalore Choir) parted ways after just two albums. But, with the release of Reece’s fantastic new album and band Saints And Sinners, which also features guitarist Frank Pane’, and now Bonfire’s equally incredible Byte The Bullet, perhaps both bands have found the best fit for what they are trying to do. Byte The Bullet starts off with the 7 minute plus track Power Train which gives you a sense of the band’s overall sound on this release. If you love the classic Bonfire albums like Don’t Touch The Light and Fireworks, you’re going to love Byte The Bullet. The first two singles are really strong with the band doing a cover song of Jethro Tull’s Locomotive Breath and the original track Praying 4 A Miracle. But, I have to say that overall the whole album is a real solid outing and a welcome return to the original sound that made the band one of Germany’s top hard rock acts. Hans Ziller shows his classical side with Instumental, which showcases his speed and proficiency as a guitar virtuoso.  The title track is a real fist pumping rocker and is one my favorite tracks along with Power Train, Some Kinda Evil and Reach For The Sky.

This is a great album with solid performances, song writing and production. If you’re an 80’s metal fan, go grab Byte The Bullet. It will more than satisfy your craving for the glory days of rock.

Track Listing:
01. Power Train
02. Stand up 4 Rock
03. Praying 4 A Miracle
04. Some Kinda Evil
05. Lonely Nights
06. Byte The Bullet
07. Locomotive Breath
08. Reach For The Sky
09. Sweet Surrender
10. Friedensreich
11. InstruMetal
12. Too Far from Heaven
13. Without You
14. Sweet Obsession

Band Members:
HANS ZILLER – Lead Guitar
ALEXX STAHL – Lead Vocals
FRANK PANÉ – Lead Guitar

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