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BLOODBOUND release their new video ‘Creatures Of The Dark Realm’

BLOODBOUND release their new video 'Creatures Of The Dark Realm'

The curtain has been fallen; an epic, modern and dynamic 2nd single “Creatures Of The Dark Realm” is heralding homonymous album’s release in 2021. Patric’s experienced vocals and the stunning interaction between guitars and keyboards laying down hymn-like themes on a solid and power-driven rhythm section.

After the last album “Rise Of The Dragon Empire” Bloodbound raise the stakes even higher this time, new album ‘Creatures Of The Dark Realm’ is coming on 28th May and sets out to outshine their predecessors.

When Swedish power metal band BLOODBOUND surfaced in 2005 with their debut album, “Nosferatu”, it was an album that celebrated the band’s admiration for metal icons like Iron MaidenHelloween and Judas Priest, recorded on a small budget with no visions of grandeur behind it. With eight studio albums, a live record and an EP under their belts since then, BLOODBOUND have returned in 2021 with album #9, “Creatures Of The Dark Realm”, and a renewed drive to take the band even further.

‘Creatures Of The Dark Realm’ descends with scarcely two years gone since “Rise Of The Dragon Empire” was unleashed. The three-headed songwriting team of keyboardist Fredrik Bergh, guitarist Tomas Olsson and vocalist Patrik Selleby started from scratch, compiling song ideas they collected individually and finally ending up with 11 solid in-your-face tracks kicked off by a deceptive acoustic intro. On paper, “Creatures Of The Dark Realm” satisfies all the requirements of what makes a power metal band, but the listening experience is one of epic proportions.

Not a single ballad in sight, the new album is an-up-tempo assault through the songs “Eyes Come Alive”, “The Gargoyles Gate”, “Ever Burning Flame”, “The Wicked And The Weak” and the title track. BLOODBOUND is not afraid to change things up, however, offering up a heavy groove anthem with “Kill Or Be Killed” and straight-ahead commercial metal on first single, “When Fate Is Calling”, always keeping things fresh from one song to the next.

The album “Creatures Of The Dark Realm” is available for pre-order now: https://afm.fanlink.to/BloodboundCreaturesOfTheDarkRealm


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