Air Raid – Across The Line

Air Raid - Across The Line

Artist: Air Raid
Album: Across The Line
Genre: Metal
Label: High Roller Records
Release Date: September 29, 2017
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron

Wow! this is my first experience with this band and these Sweden natives kick major ass! This is classic metal in all of it’s glory. If you like the classic style of Accept, Dio, Iron Maiden, etc. You need to add this to your collection. Across The Line kicks you in the face with the opening riffs of “Hold The Flame” and never stops. These guys have lots of energy and the vocals remind me of Claus Lessman of Bonfire fame. Although, Fredrik Werner has what seems like a higher range than Lessman. Line Of Danger has some chord progressions that remind of classic Dokken at times. But, hey, that’s not a bad thing for sure. There’s still a lot of love out there for this classic style of metal. Believe me, Air Raid is keeping the torch lit. The band has created a solid album through and through. The sound quality is good, but it seems geared a little toward the higher treble spectrum than bass. I have to say it gives it a bit of a more authenticate 80’s sound this way. If you have few bucks to spare and are looking for a great metal album, pick up Across The Line by Air Raid.

Track Listing:
01 Hold the Flame
02 Line of Danger
03 Aiming for the Sky
04 Cold as Ice
05 Entering the Zone Zero
06 Hell and Back
07 Northern Light
08 Raid or Die
09 Black Dawn

Band Members:
Fredrik Werner – vocals
Andreas Johansson – guitars
Magnus Mild – guitars
Robin Utbult – bass
David Hermansson – drums

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