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Adam Sandler – 100% Fresher Concert Review

Adam Sandler - 100% Fresher Concert Review

Artist: Adam Sandler
Tour: 100% Fresher
Genre: Comedy
Date: June 29, 2019
Venue: Amalie Arena – Tampa, FL
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron



So,  many of our readers may be saying to themselves, “Why would they review Adam Sandler on a rock music site”?  Well, the answer is simple, really.  Who’s more rock n’ roll than the Sandman himself, Adam Sandler?  I mean, c’ mon… everything that I like about Sandler is the same things that I love about rock music.  A rebellious spirit combined with energy and an overall atmosphere of fun.

There is an actual disclaimer that lists the concert as being only for mature audiences.  Which strikes me funny in itself.  I mean, let’s be honest here… All of his fans, myself included, are immature or we wouldn’t think he’s funny, to begin with.  Those who are easily offended are best to stay home.  But, those folks are missing one hell of a hilarious show.

The show opened with a short set by longtime Sandler friend and fellow SNL alumni, Rob Schneider.  I thought Schneider’s voice sounding a bit scratchy, and I was right as Adam later told the audience that Rob had a fever of 102 degrees, but still wanted to do the show.  However, Schneider’s illness had no ill effects on his performance as he kicked the show off with a laugh out loud set.  He performed on stage with Adam later and his presence at the show made it really feel like a family reunion of sorts or at the very least like being on the set of one of Sandler’s many films.

Adam Sandler took the stage before 9 pm and performed for almost 2 straight hours before a sold-out crowd.  The crowd was very enthusiastic, and Sandler thanked them many times throughout the show.  At the very beginning, he seemed slightly nervous or distracted at first, but that disappeared quickly and the crowd was cheering him on within minutes of the start of his routine.  Sandler became much more energetic after the first musical number, UFC ears, and the crowd’s eager participation seemed to fuel his comedic fire.

Adam Sandler - 100% Fresher Concert ReviewThere were so many great skits, that’s almost difficult to recall them all.  If you’ve seen his Netflix special 100% Fresh, you might have gotten a taste of what to expect, but there was plenty of more material to go around. Seeing these skits and musical numbers in a live setting, with instant audience feedback, made it even more entertaining.  One of the things that makes Adam Sandler so popular is, that down deep we all feel like he’s just one of us.  His comedy has always been centered around a goofy good time, his own faults, things that make us all tick and a healthy dose of goofy, immature grossness that we all have.  One of the highlights of the night was the musical skit “On Space Station 69” that he performed with Rob Schneider.  The entire audience roared with laughter and for a moment, it’s as if we were all back in high school again, laughing at something so ridiculous and yet so hilarious at the same time.

Throughout the night Sandler paid tribute to his films and it’s characters like Billy Madison,  Happy Gilmore, and the Waterboy, through lines from his movies being thrown in at the just right moment to images from these films being presented on the screen behind him.  One of the coolest things about the show is his tribute to his late friend, comedian Chris Farley. Not only is it a moving tribute and a reminder of the comedic genius who left too soon, but it provides a glimpse into a different side of Adam Sandler, as a real person, behind the goofball that we all know and love.

A lot of his material centered around his wife and children.  And though, he poked a lot of fun at himself, his wife and the rest of his family, it’s also quite clear that Adam Sandler is a proud father and husband.  He joked about getting older and though he’s a true family man, he still manages to retain the childish comedic nature that he’s had from the very beginning.  Before I left for the show, I was curious about his earnings over the years from such a multitude of successful films. Sandler’s net worth was listed at almost a half of a billion dollars. But, you know, that’s what makes him so endearing to his fans. Even with all of the great level of financial success that he’s achieved, he still legitimately feels like one of us. One of us, who made the big time, just being himself. And that makes Adam Sandler an easy guy to root for. An everyman kind of guy, who foregoes the formal fancy parties to have a beer in a bar with the rest of us.  If you are looking for a great night of laughs, I highly recommend that you catch Adam Sandler’s 100% Fresher Tour.  It’s an evening of incredible memories that you’ll not soon forget.

Adam Sandler - 100% Fresher Concert Review

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