7 Miles To Pittsburgh – Revolution On Hold (Review)

7 Miles To Pittsburgh - Revolution On Hold (Review)

Artist: 7 Miles To Pittsburgh
Album: Revolution On Hold
Genre: Hard Rock / Melodic Metal
Label: A67 Records
Release Date: October 19, 2019
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron



So if you’ve ever wondered what happened to Andrew Elt, the lead singer for Sleeze Beez….wonder no more.  While this is the second album for 7 Miles To Pittsburgh, it’s my first exposure to the band.  I am actually quite a fan of Elt’s former band.  Sleeze Beez came into the mainstream at what could be only called the very end of the sunset strip/hair metal hard rock scene.  They scored a big hit with the single “Stranger Than Paradise” on their 1990 album “Screwed, Blued, and Tattooed”, in part thanks to a heavy rotation of the video on MTV.  The band continued to make several great albums after that and finally seemed to just disappear from the radar.  It’s great to hear Andrew Elt again and his voice still sounds incredible.  The opening track, “Bad Enough” is a really great rocker with attitude to spare.  Other great songs included are: Olympus, I Feel Your Pain, Time, and Only A Fool.

While fans of Sleeze Beez will definitely hear a resemblance to the band’s former work, the band manages to create something unique, if not a progression or extension of the sound that the Sleeze Beez brought to the table.  This a really great sounding melodic metal album and should appeal to a large audience of listeners.  Both the lyrical and musical songwriting is top-notch and the overall production and mix of the album are really well done.  I’m now really looking forward to hearing more from 7 Miles To Pittsburgh, as they have definitely gained my attention with “Revolution On Hold”

Track Listing:

01. Bad Enough
02. Olympus
03. I Feel Your Pain
04. Sound
05. Think
06. Brave New World
07. God Only Knows
08. Time
09. Only a Fool

Band Members:

• Dirk Bruinenberg – Drums
• Andrew Elt – Vocals
• Joris Lindner – Guitars
• Remco van Zandvoort – Keyboards
• Martin Helmantel – Bass